Ayd覺n Kement
September 28, 2022
Updated on October 3, 2022
Life 3.0
How will mankind take control of his own destiny?
Life 3.0

AI is one of the most controversial and interesting things to talk about in the 21st century. Will there be a new superintelligent life form (life 3.0) in the near future, and what would that mean for people? This article was inspired by Max Tegmark's book Life 3.0.

About 4 billion years ago, there was life on Earth, where we lived. In the 1.0 version, bacteria, DNA, microorganisms, and other forms of life grew along with life itself. So it's a version of life that's made by both hardware and software. With life 2.0, the hardware has already been made and can't be changed (like our bodies). Our software, on the other hand, kept getting better as we learned, which is how we got a culture, a language, a job, a worldview, or a goal. We are examples of what life is like in the 21st century.

With the help of technology and artificial intelligence, we are now at a point in life called "3.0," where we can create both hardware and software. So how does it make sense? I mean, how will it happen when each person is in charge of their own lives?

Make hardware better?

To use biotechnology, genetics, and all R&D studies that go in this direction to improve the human body, health, and physical quality of life.

Make the software better?

All the changes that make us different from other animals and will make our emotional lives and mental activities more effective and help us keep learning and getting educated at a higher quality level.

In this version, human and machine hybrids called "cyborgs" will meet for the first time. Don't we already look for better solutions that will automate more jobs and do our jobs for us? Since the Industrial Revolution, that's how things have been. These facts sound like something out of a movie. After all, it could be the best or the worst thing that could happen to people.

AI will change occupations, civilizations, cultures, bodies, and human identity. What happens when "humans" aren't the brightest species? Can we construct an eternal future by removing human nature's limits? The future will be better if we make more informed judgments.

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