Aydın Kement
September 28, 2022
Updated on October 2, 2022
Total Experience | TX 🔥
All X’s together!
What does this imply?

Gartner presented a research on strategic essential technical developments for 2022 in October. It covers the main issues of artificial intelligence, data, cybersecurity, and autonomous processes, among others. For the time being, we'll open the TX side.

TX has truly built a unified corporate strategy concept of CX, EX, UX, and MX under the roof notion of "Total experience."


TX's goal is to provide a diverse, exceptional experience to anyone who interacts with your brand, such as pre-purchase users, customers, and workers.

While this is a strong stance, most brands have begun to mix these components in some form throughout the pandemic time. They began by refreshing their existing technology for customers and internal company operations, innovating steps toward employee experience, and observing examples of user experience. That Digital/Cultural Transformation we've been hearing so much about is simply a trailer for this Total Experience excursion.

How does that sound?

We require well-designed solutions to assist us in providing the greatest possible experience across all channels and touchpoints. This means that it will provide a fantastic experience for your clients while also utilising tools that will enable and inspire employees to provide this amazing service.

The goal of Total experience is to give customers a better experience all around. It knows how important the product is, but it also looks at other points of contact before and after the sale to make sure customers are cared for. The idea behind the total experience is that in a world that is getting more complicated, there is no one solution that works for everyone. Instead, businesses need to change their plans to fit the needs of each customer.

It's not enough to just focus on what you're trying to sell; you also need to think about how you can help your customer with anything they might need or ask for, like service or support. Companies that think this way will be successful because they will make something different from their competitors and make it easier for customers to do business with them.

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